In our company culture we like to work fact based and go the extra mile when it comes to safety. No assumptions are made. Even the smallest details are tested to extremes and we go beyond current laws to asure safety. We have dedicated ourselves to being the worlds safety experts when it comes to air, to such an extent that we go above and beyond investing in complete test installations.

Every problem has a solution and we won’t stop until we have an answer. Innovation is a daily occurrence, from small longevity improvements and new products to ridiculous ideas that won’t ever see the light of day. Your input is valuable to us, so even if you just want to chat about your park, get in touch! We are sure we can learn from each other.

By investing in high-quality materials we can only ensure the materials will hold up over time. The real battle is won by smart longevity solutions that can only be implemented when you have seen it all. This sets us apart from the competition. Thirty years of experience in air equipment makes us know when a part will wear out before it gets the chance to.

AirTrack Factory has been the premier air-equipment provider globally since it’s foundation. This has led to a global distribution network that ensures you get the attention you need and more. Thousands of companies and clubs have trusted AirTrack Factory before and our 300.000 fans on social media are the result of that.

Our image is of uttermost importance to us and we expect you to feel the same way about your brand too. Our dedicated design team ensures your branding and print quality are flawless before shipping it to you. ALL of our equipment offers custom branding options so it will seamlessly fall into place in your park.





These product are the answer for the needs of young people who want to safely exercise
their skills

Janne Jarvenpaa, CEO RS parks